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    i can't access my domain control panel?

    I have just bought a domain name from yahoo . set up DNS and begin posting in my site for one day in the second day my domain doesn't work . I went to control panel to sign in to check my domain and see why doesn't it work but i can't access my domain control panel and saw this massege ' Sorry, there are no Yahoo! Small Business services associated with the Yahoo! ID design4sites ' how can i restore my domain or login to my control panel
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    Hey Sami, Sorry to hear you are having issues with a domain name you recently purchased from Yahoo!, but rest assured we are here to help. Since this is an issue with access to your account and domain functionality the best way to resolve this is to contact us directly. When you can, please email us directly at ysb-social-media@cc.yahoo-inc.com. Please include the domain name, the Yahoo! ID that is associated with the account and the best way of contacting you directly.
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