Transfering Domain Away from Yahoo?

Dear Yahoo,

I had a couple of domains registered with Yahoo Small Business and now I've moved them to another hosting company but Yahoo is still charging me for the same domains. Please advise me what to do next. Should I cancel my plan from Yahoo Small Business, is there some thing to be done with MX Record or there is some other solution ?

Thanks in Advance !

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Hi Osama,

Because domains can be managed through Yahoo! without being registered with us, an account would not close automatically when a domain is transferred away to a new host. You would need to cancel your account with Yahoo! if you no longer require the service. You can cancel online by following the steps outlined in our help page:

If you would like to request a refund, please contact us at prior to cancelling your service online or at the phone number listed next to the charge on your billing statement.


2 years ago