Cannot access my domain to change name server details? NEW ISSUE?

I bought domain through Yahoo Small Business in 2007 and got Yahoo! Domains setup for 5 years. After a while my Visa card expired, i had no use for my email account and i stopped payments to Yahoo, so my hosting was canceled.
Now i want to use my Domain Control Panel and redirect, or redelegate, my Yahoo! name servers to another provider, but i cannot access my domain control panel. It seems that i need to pay again for hosting just to access domain control panel...?!
Please note that my IT knowledge is limited and i have little experience in dealing with web sites and hosting etc.
Also Yahoo is reseller for Melbourne IT so i tried to get answers from both companies, but no success...
my domain is:
Registrar Name: Melbourne IT
Name server Details

ok, i got an answer that i need to get a new plan from yahoo and after trying to get new domain service plan from yahoo i got following message: Sorry, the domain you selected to use with your plan is no longer available, so we were unable to complete your order. We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to try placing your order again with a different domain name, or using a different extension (such as .org instead of .com). For assistance, please contact us at (800) 318-0870 and mention error PROV107.

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Sorry for the trouble David, if you canceled your Web Hosting account without downgrading to a Domains only plan then you have canceled all services and do not have access to the Domain Control Panel. In this situation you can either reactivate on a new plan, or our support team can release the domain to Melbourne IT and you can manage the domain directly through them.

As for the error you received when attempting to reactivate, this error usually occurs when you attempt to purchase a domain that is already registered. When you get to the screen that asks you to search for a domain name please be sure to select the link at the bottom that says "Or reactivate a canceled account." If you have any further trouble please call us and we will be happy to help.


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Well, the only way you cat access to your domain is through Yahoo SB. Try contacting Yahoo SM support again.

by Mike_D - 2 years ago