Yahoo! Domain Registration Error?

A blessed day!

I tried to register a domain in Yahoo! Small Business but when I click the "Process Order" button at the last part of the order process, I have an Error. I tried again but I have the same error. After a few minutes, my Credit Card Bank sent me an SMS notification that yahoo deducted a certain amount on my account, and then another SMS for another deduction. I also didn't get the domain.

I forgot to write down the error message and I don't want to try it again.
I registered two different domain before, 1 for my other account and 1 for my friend. but I didn't have this problem.
I tired to contact Yahoo! help, by filling-up the form and according to that they will call me in few minutes, but for 2 days now, I didn't received any calls.

What can I do now?

Your help will be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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From what you've described here, this sounds like an issue with the credit card information either not being able to be properly verified at the time of purchase. This issue can be a little complex and due to the public nature of Yahoo! Answers we wouldn't want to discuss account specifics on this page.

If you still have your other Yahoo! Small Business services active, please log into that account and go to . From there you will be able to find our direct phone number and other ways of contacting us.

We hope to hear from you soon.


2 years ago