Can not access my domain to change name server details?

I bought domain through Yahoo Small Business in 2007 and got Yahoo! Domains setup for 5 years. After a while my Visa card expired, i had no use for my email account and i stopped payments to Yahoo, so my hosting was canceled.
Now i want to use my Domain Control Panel and redirect, or redelegate, my Yahoo! name servers to another provider, but i can not access my domain control panel. It seems that i need to pay again for hosting just to access domain control panel...?!
Please note that my IT knowledge is limited and i have little experience in dealing with web sites and hosting etc.
Also Yahoo is reseller for Melbourne IT so i tried to get answers from both companies, but no success...
my domain is:
Registrar Name: Melbourne IT
Name server Details

Please help.

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Hi David,

If your service has deactivated, you won't have direct access to your domain control panel to manage your advanced DNS. In order to manage your domain, you'll need to have some active service with us (though not necessarily a full hosting account). If you reactivate your service as a domains plan, you'll have control of your domain and advanced DNS.

For more information about our domains service, check out

2 years ago