How can I send an international money order to Yahoo Domains?

My VISA card ran out and my Website domain is up for renewal.
I am in mainland China, where a foreigner cannot get a credit card without purchasing a permanent residence in mainland China.
The only solution, then, is to send them an international money order.
But every time I try to send them a message or find out their address,
I only succeed in playing ring around the rosey.

2 years ago - 2 answers

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At this time, we only accept payments through Yahoo! Wallet. For more details, check out

If you need assistance or have questions about changing your payment method, contact us at

2 years ago

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I'd start with your VISA provider. Ask for a higher limit, or if the card is expired, request a new card in a hurry.

... I have no idea how accounting at Yahoo! works.

by i. jones - 2 years ago