Why did Yahoo!Smallbusiness delete my account and domain?

A few days ago I bought a domain on Yahoo!Smallbusiness using BESTDEAL coupon code. At first everything went fine and I made a few articles on my blog. But, 2 days later I couldn't access my blog and I was shocked when I logging in to my smallbusiness account and it showed a message says,

"Sorry, there are no Yahoo! Small Business services associated with the Yahoo! ID ******* (my ID)"

I tried to contact the at but I counldn't because it shows a message

We offer phone and email support only to Small Business customers, and our records don't show any Small Business products associated with your Yahoo! ID."

What happened with my account and domain? One thing that makes me disappointed is that even though my account and domain was deleted , but I did not get my money back. And my payment status on my PayPal account still "Pending" till now..

3 years ago - 1 answers

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Sorry about the trouble you're having with your domain. Please email us at with your domain name and contact info so we can investigate this issue further.

3 years ago