Problem With Domain Yahoo Small Business?

Dear Yahoo,

I have a domain [] registered in Yahoo, and i create email with my domain ,
this is my email : , but Not WORK !And not connect to my domain Control Panel..
if me Login to yaho small business ,
Sorry, there are no Yahoo! Small Business services associated with the Yahoo! ID aldy.winata17

Help Me please ..!!

but i remember all data ,

I guarantee that I own the domain, and I’m really hoping that you could tell me how I can verify it to you, maybe by providing my hosting account (which I use to host this domain) or my credit card number that I used when I bought this domain?

I really thank you in advance and am sorry for the incovenience.


aldyjrz -

3 years ago - 1 answers

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Sorry you are having trouble accessing your account, please email us at for assistance.


3 years ago