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    Can I still host my domain e-mail on Yahoo if I switch my domain hosting to another site?

    Our website has been hosted through Yahoo for several years and our domain e-mail is through Yahoo as well. We are looking to move hosting to another site but are worried about losing access to our e-mails. Can we keep our domain e-mail at Yahoo or does it have to move with the domain?
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    'A Record' changes point the website alone at your new host server (that's just the www. part of your domain, you point the A record at your new server IP address), 'MX records' control your email, and will stay where they are unless you change your nameservers to your new host - in which case www. and email will migrate to the new server.. Down-side of the A record is that the IP address of your host server might change, this is not a problem if you used nameserver changes to point your domain instead. If you use nameserver, you will just need to reconfigure emails on your new server, how this is done varies from service to service. So the short answer to your question is YES, you can keep your MX records at Yahoo - and Yahoo will remain as your domain registrar
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    • Yes, you just edit domain DNS a record and point to the new server IP.

      by Kerry - 18 hours ago

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