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    I need to get my EPP from Yahoo but do not have access to the control panel?

    I need my EPP code and thought my current hosting had it but they tell me it is a yahoo account. I thought I transfered my domain from yahoo years ago, but they still are the listed as the tech name and my hosting is listed as the name server. I have tried e-mailing domain.tech@yahoo-inc.com to get them to release it to me, but I don't even get a response. I can't get live help unless I reactivate the my yahoo small business account, and I have to pay for at least one month to do that. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Hi Mandy. The best, fastest way to contact us for your authorization code if your account is closed is to call the phone number on your most recent Yahoo! Small Business bill. Failing that, send us an email at domains-support@cc.yahoo-inc.com with as much information as possible so we can help.
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