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    How do I get my domain name back?

    I paid for a domain name a few years back, but failed to renew it and closed the account later. Now I'm wishing I'd kept it and want to see if I can get it back. No one is using it, as far as I can tell (and it's pretty obscure), but it comes up as "unavailable" when I search at Yahoo domains (where it was originally registered) and GoDaddy. What are my options?
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    Hey Allison, it's entirely possible that we still have control of your domain and we'd like to see you get it reactivated if we can help. Without telling us the domain name, there's no way to be sure that we have that power. So we recommend trying this option first: try reactivating directly using the steps outlined here (http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/billing/billing-15.html). Failing that, give us a call at 866-781-9246, available Mon.–Fri., 7 a.m.–5 p.m. PT and we will dig in and see what we can do to help!
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    Other Answers

    • Do a Whois search by typing in your old domain at http://www.Whois.sc and if it's been registered by someone else you'll see their contact details. If it's crucial for you to recover the name you could first check the main domain name auction/aftermarket broker sites listed at http://www.domain.name/auctions and see if your domain name has been put up for sale.If it's not listed for sale anywhere and doesn't resolve to a page or website then you could email the admin contact shown on the whois and ask if they would be kind enough to give you back the domain or sell it back to you or,if it's really important,you could use a domain name broker to do this for you. Good luck.

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