What is the contact email of Yahoo small business billing?

I received a wrong bill $35 for a domain that Yahoo does not support almost
for a year since the domain was transferred to a new
owner. I immediately cancelled my account as I noticed the unwanted
bill in my bank statement. Thus, I couldn't get any result from
HELP/CONTACT US and I cannot 'Reactivate a cancelled account' (possible because the domain does not belong to Yahoo and they realise this at the point of reactivation).

How can I contact the billing service?
once more, does not work:
We offer phone and email support only to Small Business customers, and our records don't show any Small Business products associated with your Yahoo! ID.

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Sorry you've had trouble getting in touch with us, Alex. Please email us at Don't forget to include your Yahoo! ID and domain name.

3 years ago

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Fill out the form here:

ʎəɿʞɹɐq ^͜●^

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