Yahoo domain, never even existed?

I recently bought a Yahoo Domain for the website I created for the animal shelter. A day or two after it was active, it randomly wouldn't load the site. I thought maybe my connection was just being weird, so I waited a while. Now I'm getting complaints that it's completely down and wont load.

I tried to log on to my account to figure out what was wrong, and apparently, I don't even have a domain with them, which is total BS because I have the bank statement to PROVE I paid for an account, and the website WAS up and WAS running. I tried contacting Yahoo, but so far I've heard nothing back

3 years ago - 1 answers

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Not sure what has happened with your order, We would need a little more information to be able to locate your account. What was the domain name you registered? If you are not comfortable posting this information you can also email us at with your Yahoo ID, Domain name and contact information.

3 years ago