Yahoo still charges me for a domain i transferred 4 years ago , how to contact them?

I purchased a domain name back in 2002, and after 4 years i transferred to a UK registrar. However i recently noticed Yahoo are still charging me all these years later! I spent all evening trying to find a contact email or their phone number to sort this asap, but no luck. Does anyone know how to inform Yahoo about this problem?

This package was part of Yahoo small business, now when i try to log in yahoo small business i get a message they don't have my user ID registered!? But they take my money!
Please help.

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866-562-7219 is the Customer Care for paying customers. You qualify.

You can also try but it is slow.

3 years ago

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How are they charging you?

You can simply remove all authorisations from Yahoo on your CC. And i am sure soon they will contact you then


by Pascal Fringe - 3 years ago

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by Shelby - 3 years ago

We'd like to help you out with this issue. Sorry it's been so difficult to get ahold of us! Old accounts info and their status can be difficult to remember years later. Please email us all the information about this problem you can to and we will help you.


by YSmallBizCare - 3 years ago