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    How do I change my domain name without losing my email associated with the old domain?

    I have a Yahoo Small Business website, and numerous email addresses connected with that website, and don't want to lose them, because I like having all my email accounts in one place. However, over the years, my interests have changed, and I want to create a website with a different domain name. How can I change the name without losing the email associated with the old domain.
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    Easy. Simply work through your old domain registrar to "forward" your old domain to your new domain. This creates an "alias" for your accounts. You MUST maintain your old domain name for this to work. An alias does NOT work if you let your old domain name lapse. In essence, when anyone tries to access an old domain address, they are forwarded to your new domain name address. The annual fee of X dollars for your old domain name is a small price to pay for forwarding everything from the old to the new WITHOUT telling anyone the NEW domain name and address. This is very much like forwarding your mail when you move from one house to another, except as long as you pay the annual fee, it goes on for as long as the old domain name is "valid". Case on point, my ISP. They changed their name when they were bought out. What used to be domain A became domain B. I can use either my address at domain A as well as my name at domain B to access my account. So, on web pages elsewhere where I re3ference my email at domain A is forwarded to domain B as long as my ISP maintains the old domain name. I trust my ISP will maintain the old domain name as valid so I do not have to backtrack to everywhere my old address was to update each link to the new domain name address. If my ISP drops the old domain name, then anyone attempting to contact ME will result in failure. It all only works as long as my ISP maintains both addresses and links the old domain address to the new domain address.
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    • You can't escape the overheads to maintain two websites. At the best, you would have to register new domain separately, host website on that new domain. After that you can forward existing domain to your new domain. This way anyone hitting on old domain would be redirected to new domain automatically. This way you would be having a website with new name & e-mails on old domain.

      by dkay_net - 8 hours ago

    • You need to pay for two domain. If you stop paying for the domain that your email account is on, then you loose that domain. Once you have two domains you can get one to forward to the other.

      by Meilin - 8 hours ago

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