can you file taxes on workers comp?

my hubby has been on workers comp all year we have two children can we file taxes or not?

4 years ago - 4 answers

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Technically yes you can file, although workers comp doesn't get reported on the return. If your question is really can you get any money from filing, no you can't so there's no point in filing.

4 years ago

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Worker compensation is not a taxable income.
Unemployment compensation is income. First $2400 of unemployment income is not taxable.

by Jss - 4 years ago

It's only been 6 days.

by Tom - 4 years ago

If his Workers Comp was your only income for the year there's no need to file. Workers Comp is not taxable, nor is it earned income for purposes of the EIC.

by Bostonian In MO - 4 years ago