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    My tax refund status changed from direct deposit to mailing a check?

    I e-filed and was suppose to get my refund direct deposited on Friday Feb. 4th. Up until this morning the status on the irs.gov website stated that it was still to be direct deposited. When I checked it this morning it says that it is being mailed out on Feb. 11th!!! I checked all of my bank account numbers that I entered on my tax return and they were all correct. I called my bank and they havn't returned it or anything. Why did this happen?
    6 months ago 9 Answers

    Best Answer

    If your bank account was correct, you likely put in an incorrect transit router and the IRS couldn't verify it so it was changed to check. The 9 digit transit router for ACH can be different than what appears on your checks. Call your bank and get the correct one so you can be setup next time.
    5 years ago

    Other Answers

    • i got the same thing and no i didn't enter nothing wrong

      by lillian - 6 hours ago

    • Hey this happened to me several times, with several online tax software sites. Anytime you use any of the tax software sites it is more than possible you will have a problem with E-filing. However, After I have researched the issue and talked with a few of the software (Techs) professionals, I find that the best way to E-file your taxes is to also send in a mailed copy. This is the way I do it now. Every time I E-File, I get a message from the IRS stating some # and code why my filing was rejected. So now, in addition of tying to E-File, I mail in a copy of my taxes and I normally receive my refund, which is directly deposited in my bank account anywhere between 8 to 15 days on a Friday.

      by Freddie - 6 hours ago

    • While this isn't a rarity with e-files a very large amount of people who filed with Turbo Tax has experienced problems. As previous answers have stated before, Turbo Tax has accidental posted a series of zeros in for checking account numbers for filers that are paying out of their return. Of course, the result is a delay in payment since you will now have to wait for it to be mailed. You should have received an email from TURBOTAX VP Bob Meigh. Most did but a few was left out of the loop. It makes not difference if you typed the numbers in right if they don't and your copy of the your tax return only indicates what you typed not any errors on the part of TT or the IRS. Here is what many got in their e-mail: You recently used TurboTax to file your 2010 tax return. At that time, you elected to pay your TurboTax fees from your federal tax refund and have the rest of your refund directly deposited into your bank account. The IRS has successfully processed your return. However, as a result of a TurboTax processing error, the IRS is unable to direct deposit your refund. Instead, you will receive your refund by check in the mail. The IRS will mail your check approximately one week after the day you were scheduled for direct deposit. Depending on when you filed your return, you may have already received your refund check by mail. If not, you can check the status of your refund at www.irs.gov by clicking on the "Where's My Refund?” link. We apologize for the inconvenience and unanticipated delay. Of course, we are waiving all your TurboTax fees. We understand that getting your maximum refund back fast is one of the reasons you choose TurboTax. We know we must do better to meet your expectations. Please be assured that we have fixed the error and taken steps to ensure this does not happen again. If you have any questions, please let us know. You can reach us at 800-624-2088 or via the Contact Us link at www.turbotax.com. Bob Meighan VP, TurboTax

      by san s - 6 hours ago

    • This happened to both myself and my dad. I filed both of our taxes and got the same exact thing! I did not use turbo tax though. It was on free 1040taxreturns.com unless it is a division of turbo tax?

      by lela - 6 hours ago

    • I had the same thing with the same dates happen. First direct deposit then to a check being mailed. I talked to IRS first, they said they didn't get any direct deposit information. I talked to Turbo Tax and they said it was an IRS glitch and that the direct deposit is fine. I talked to Santa Barbara/Universal Bank and they said it was a glitch with the IRS and that I should have my direct deposit by Monday. As was told to me by other tax persons on this site was that Turbox Tax overlayed our direct deposit information with incorrect deposit information either o's or blank and the IRS has to do a paper check as it doesn't know where to deposit the refund. I think TT and SB are just saying its an IRS error so that we will still pay them when we do get our paper check. I am so upset right now, and I don't know who to believe.

      by Sowdie - 6 hours ago

    • If you asked Turbotax to pay the filing fees out of your refund, their software would OVERLAY your direct deposit information with theirs. They intended to get the money, pull the fees and then electronically transfer the remaining amount to you. Turbotax apparently overlaid it with zeros or blanks so the IRS has no information at all and has to issue a papercheck. You would then contact Turbotax to pay them.

      by Quick Answers - 6 hours ago

    • I have had conflicting answers stating that any refund over $10,000 will automatically be issued by paper check. If yours was over that amount, and your account info was correct, then I would assume that this could be the issue. However, if it was not over that amount it could very well be another matter altogether. A call to the IRS might help, if you could get through.

      by Hd - 6 hours ago

    • something must have been entered wrong. Who did you use to file?

      by tunique - 6 hours ago

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