Does anyone really know when the WMR site update?

I have heard Monday mornings and Wednesday mornings, but I amm not sure...Does anyone know how they are updating this year.

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I actually asked an IRS agent this exact question today... She placed me on hold to question higher ups there.. She said that they update once per week, wednesday nights. I had concern since WMR is still stating processing Feb 1st for me... Well thats tomorrow, so hopefully I will have a change Thurs am.


3 years ago

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that would be entirely up to IRS
I don't think anyone has the exact dates and times, only IRS does and likely they are not telling

by tro - 3 years ago

it's accuracy is very low - don't even bother with it

by Zarg222 - 3 years ago

No one really knows ive heard monday & wednesday too but i had an update on friday .

by atxgurl - 3 years ago

i have read and reread alot of posts this year and i am finding multiple saying different dates the WMR updates..i personally had my status change last tuesday if u r told monday and wednesday only i think that is inaccurate..i believe it is any day mon-fri..i hope this helps


by Stephanie D - 3 years ago

I know for a fact WMR was updating for a few hours early this (Monday) morning, and my mother's updated on Friday. I think as far as Wednesday being the main day mentioned is because it seems that if someone previously didn't have any updates but their deposit is definitely set for the following Friday it updates that info on Wednesday, letting you know deposit date.
I'm one of the ones that is still getting the "by Feb 1st" message, for two weeks now it has said that with no changes or updates of any kind


by Deadsville Atomic - 3 years ago