Does getting food stamps affect your tax return?

I have a few questions. My husband just got laided off and took a local full time job which isn't even close to the amount that he was taking. I am currently in nursing school and I can't work at all and take care of our 2 children. I applied out of curiosity and was granted food stamps $650/month which is way more than we ever spent on groceries. Fact of the matter is we can't eat that much food. I don't know whether or not to use the food stamps because I am highly depending on our tax returns next year. My question is does food stamps affect tax returns? What I was thinking was that we can use what we need to use and then use the rest of the money to buy canned goods and drop off to the Salvation Army. Should we just use what we need to use or would you donate the rest? Thanks everyone!

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Food stamps do not affect your tax return.

3 years ago

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Food stamps are not reported on your tax returns and are not viewed as income. Food stamps do not expire, so any balance that you have will roll over to the next month. This is beneficial because if you go off of food stamps in six months, you might still have $1,000 left to spend. I would use what you need and save keep what's left each month for future use... this way you will be able to save and get back on your feet. You could still make a donation to a food bank, but I wouldn't spend whatever's left on your account each month - you may need it in the future.

by spalmer - 3 years ago

Public assistance and food stamps are not taxable.


by Bob F - 3 years ago

What I'd love to know is how you feed a family of 4 on less than $650 a month these days! Well done!

Seriously though, collecting food stamps has no affect on your tax returns at all. It's not income and isn't reported anywhere on your tax return.

by Bostonian In MO - 3 years ago

and if you can't use all of it return it to the agency who gave it to you

by tro - 3 years ago

It won't affect your tax return or your refund. You don't report food stamps on your tax return.

by Judy - 3 years ago