employer witheld FWT, MCARE, SWT, and SDI, no FICA deductions, how do I figure what we should pay the IRS?

The employer informed yesterday me that he failed to withold FICA for the year and a half I was employed and that I would have to pay the IRS.
chatsplas: not sure why, He just informed me, and he said it was FICA. I claim married and one on my w-4 and claim 3 when I file my taxes. Yes I did recieve a large refund for 2009. I have one dependent child believe I did get the child tax credit.

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Didn't you just ask this?;_y...

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If you are a low income wage earner you do not pay Federal income tax. Your employer knows what they are doing

by Iffy - 4 years ago

Your employer did withhold FICA taxes. Medicare (MCARE) is one of the FICA taxes so Social Security is probably being withheld someplace.

Edit: Your employer is wrong. They did withhold some FICA taxes (MCARE). If they failed to withhold the rest, THEY must make it up out of THEIR pocket. (The amount that they paid is added to your wages in box 1 of your W-2, but THEY are responsible for the payment of what they should have withheld.)

by Bostonian In MO - 4 years ago

Why did he fail to withhold FICA while taking out the others? Do you mean he failed to withhold FIT and SIT?
How did you fill out your W-4? That controls withholding, or is supposed to, for FIT and SIT.
He is REQUIRED by law to withhold, according to your W-4. You can go to your state department of employment security to file a complaint against him and for help (Unemployment office).
Do you receive Large income tax refunds? Do you receive EITC and child tax credits? Did you list a lot of allowances on your W-4? If so, then employer rightfully did not withhold for FIT and SIT.


by chatsplas - 4 years ago

He is wrong. He was required to withhold it; if he did not, that is his problem. He is required to pay it to the government, whether or not it was withheld.

Make sure to check your W-2 very carefully. Anyone who does want he has done is almost certainly not going to do the W-2 correctly.

by StephenWeinstein - 4 years ago

that makes no freaking sense - how in world did he NOT withhold FICA and how did YOU NOT notice it from your first paycheck on?

what does your W-2 from last year show? does it show FICA withholding taxes? - if yes, then show it to him as proof - look at your pay stubs - deos FICA and Medicare withholding show on the stubs?
if yes, then he is a lying sack of shlt and is trying to rip you off for some reason

I would tell him F-You - YOU (HIM) pay it - then I would report him to the IRS - I don't understand how the BOSS could have missed that for more than ONE QUARTER since he has to file payroll tax returns every 3 months

your W-4, tax credits and refund have nothing to do with FICA taxes

if he really DID NOT withhold FICA taxes and you did get a W-2 without FICA WH on it, I am really shocked your tax return did not kick out at the IRS


by Doctor Deth - 4 years ago

apparently you asked this before and didn't read the responses? all of which are good but just to repeat
had you been requesting pay stubs all along you would have known that these taxes were not withheld
if your employer did not withhold them at all, he considered you an independent contractor which means you pay your own
but you claim you got a good refund so it no income taxes were withheld it means you probably got EIC credit
your employer is entirely in the wrong if he pays you and does not withhold taxes(if he did withhold them and not pay them to the agencies as he should that is embezzlement)
as an independent contractor you file a sch C and an SE on which you calculate your se tax and pay which is approx. 15.3% of your Sch C net amount
you would need to file a 1040x to get this corrected, but you best find out why the employer failed to withhold and pay the FICA taxes as he is required to do

by tro - 4 years ago