My Oregon Tax Refund says it's gone into Manual Review!!! :(?

I received my Federal refund, but when i went to check on my State refund it says it's gone into manual review. I am scared because i claimed child care and i will have to dig out my receipts, if i still have all of them. I see alot of people in NYC are having this problem just wondering if i'm going to be audited or what. I am due a refund of 2,431.00, i claimed 3,500 for childcare which was only for a few months that i needed it. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!!

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Sounds like they are considering an audit.When they check manually,they think they found a discrepancy.You might want to have your receipts handy-hope you don't get the audit.

4 years ago

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What is your question?

by Max Hoopla - 4 years ago

Get a letter from your childcare provider of how much you paid.

by travelguruette - 4 years ago