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    What is going on with tax refunds this year? Code 9001, Schedule M or no, NO REFUND... headache!?

    My sister and I both filed on January 15th using TaxACT online software. On the 18th, we both received acknowledgement that our returns had been accepted by the IRS. We both expected that we would have our refunds by January 29th. Obviously this did not happen. On January 21th, my status would not pull up on WMR. My sisters, however, said: "We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund. For more information, please continue. Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.". So we consulted the forums and noticed that many other people had the same issues. We were convinced that the IRS was probably backed up and experiencing delays, etc... January 29th comes and guess what... neither of us has a refund. So naturally we consult, WMR. My status reads "We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund. For more information, please continue. Please mention reference number 9001 to the IRS Customer Service Representative." and my sisters reads "We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless we find mistakes or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 9, 2010." Also note that we both had "Schedule M" filed which is some making work pay credit that TurboTAX filed for us without even asking. I don't even know what the heck that is so neither of us claimed it on our taxes last year. Anyway... Today I decided to call the IRS to see what the heck is going on with my refund. Here is a condensed and lightly paraphrased version of the conversation below. This call is in reference to my refund which currently has the 9001 status as my sisters WMR gave her a tentative date of February 9, 2010. Transcript: (Asks verification questions - filing status, ssn, address, exemptions). We received your return on the 18th. One moment while I research your account further. (One minute later...) What code are you receiving on the wheres my refund? (ref # 9001). Ok let me see what that code means. (holds for 1-2 minutes). Well, it looks like they've sent you a 4464c letter on the 21st. They are holding your refund for a review. It might take a while, but I'm not 100% sure how long it might take. If we send you another letter, just respond to it and things should progress accordingly. As of now (2/1/10) no additional letters have been sent. Thanks for calling. Conclusions: We are both still without refunds, had to cancel major plans, and have decided to change our witholdings status (so PLEASE, no suggestions about that). If you have some knowledgable insight or you're going through the same thing, we'd love to hear from ya. For those of you in the same boat, I'll keep you updated as well. I think some tax laws may have taken into effect that make it more difficult to get refunds this year, but I'm not sure. Any ideas are welcomed as we're both LOST. God bless! :) Trying to smile in the face of not being able to pay the rent which was due today... what a bummer.
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    For my situation there have been no changes. But I was told that the IRS updates the WMR on Wednesdays and Sundays so maybe there will be a different msg. tomorrow. There is also a website where you can go that explains the IRS Questionable Refund Act (QRP), the process, letters, etc. it is: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-utl/questional_refund_program.pdf Hope this helps Update: I looked back at the letter the IRS sent. Toward the bottom of the first page there is /should be a Tax Payer Advocate Assistance (TAS) number listed 1-877-777-4778 and you can call them explain your situation and get better answers. I called the TAS line and the lady was extremely helpful. From what she said it appears that MANY people are having their returns pulled for random reviews. They are pulled once the return is accepted, even with "0" errors to be double-checked and that the letter we all received "4464c" is a standard letter, which is why the reasons given on the letter do not necessarily apply to everyone getting it. I was told even though it states to allow 45 days from receipt of the letter that because the return is really still being processed (even though it shows accepted without errors) through H&R Block, TAXCut or whomever you submitted the return through electronically) to allow 3 weeks processing time. Mine was received and accepted on 1/18 - per TAS rep. I should still have this DD within three weeks (by 2/12) unless they find errors in my return. Give them a call, it will at least give you some peace of mind. It did for me. Good luck!
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    Other Answers

    • Making Work Pay is a new credit this year that Obama put into act. It shouldn't have much of an effect on your refund time. Although, it has in a whole slowed down refunds a little bit due to people having received the $250 dollar stimulus earlier this year and still trying to claim Making Work Pay, or people not claiming Making Work Pay that should of. But, as far as filing a Schedule M it shouldn't make any effect. As far as your return going into review, do you receive EIC? I've heard this year their cracking down on EIC claims and it's throwing a lot of people into review.

      by diragono - 3 hours ago

    • I received the same code as well. When I called, a rep explained that my return is still processing. The code has nothing to do with checking status on WMR. Call them to find out whats going on.

      by j-nice - 3 hours ago

    • Just to put your mind at ease, I've also heard that due to so many early filers, the sytem automatically kicked a LARGE # of 1040 filers to manual review (by accident).

      by new mom - 3 hours ago

    • Well I suppose to had rec. my refund on the 29th used turbotax to file...for a couple of weeks the WMR kept stating no info until today...I should rec. my refund by the 16th of Feb...Thank God!!! Need the money to pay bills...But, I did my BF return on the same day and he is getting his a week before me...He's so lucky...But they sent me and him some crazy letter 4464c about an delay and we dont owe no one...So good luck to you. So, we are going throught the same situation...pls keep in contact with me to let me know of your outcome...I had plans to take several trips and had to cancel them...not happy with gov...

      by kim - 3 hours ago

    • Mine was similar but not sure about the error code. i did my taxes on the 14th adn were accepted Jan 18th but my deposit date is feb. 9th. My friend filed after me, got back more money than i did and received it on Jan 29th. I called IRS this morning because my WMR said no information available. The guy said I would be receiving my deposit on Feb 5th...just keepin my fingers crossed!

      by tina - 3 hours ago

    • i got my letter saturday jan, 30..2010... i'm also code 9001.. filed jan 15... went threw this last year with a diffrent code... waited 8 months for return.. get ready for a long wait, but hope for the best.... it doesnt matter how many times u check wmr... people post incorrect info they get from other post that are just trickled down lies.... if 45 days pass get a tax payer advocate.. dats the mistake i made last year, was by not getting one till late

      by ? - 3 hours ago

    • Filed on 1/15/10. As usual it was accepted with no problems. The info has been the same for 16 years. Received the same info mention above with ref 9001. I have not received a letter and wmr keep saying they have no info on return. Has anyone received a refund yet?

      by Elmo - 3 hours ago

    • I went through this last year. My advice to you is to stay on top of it because I just got 2008 taxes in December of 2009. It sounds like you are being audited. I had that same thing happen to me. At some point get an advocate. This is a free service and a tax payer advocate is a third party that works with you to get your refund faster. If the IRS asks you for information, try to get it to them that same day and keep calling to make sure they have it becuase I would fax thi ngs to them and 2 months later, they will say they never received it. I would fax my information 3 times and mail it. That is my advice on it.

      by kia w - 3 hours ago

    • Sadly they come up with these "tax credits" now that actually seem to slow down our refunds since so many people are getting flagged. Seems like a stalling idea to hold up refunds since they used to go somewhat smoothly before this.

      by Yera P - 3 hours ago

    • I don't know how helpful I will be other than sympathizing with your situation as we appear to be in the same boat! I e-filed on 1/17 through H&R Block online. My return was accepted without errors on the 18th. However, every time I went to the Where's My Refund page on the IRS Site, there was nothing there, no updates or deposit date, etc. I called H&R Block and IRS and still nothing - I was told everything was fine and I should receive my direct deposit on 1/29/10. Well, on 1/29/10 my deposit never made it to my bank, but I did start receiving a msg. on WMR with error code 9001. I also got a letter in the mail just like yours which no one at IRS seems to be able to explain or give any tangible reasons as to why my return was picked for review?! I also got the $400 making work pay credit - it was automatically included with H&R Block....not sure if that is what flagged us, or perhaps early filing, but the whole situation is very frustrating. The only thing I know for sure is that we are waiting for 45 days from the date of the letter to either get our refund, a partial refund or to supply additional information. According to the CSR rep I spoke to at the IRS toll free number, all of this is random. Good luck! Would love to hear back and see if others are getting this situation resolved.

      by ? - 3 hours ago

    • The code 9001 simply means you have exceeded the amount of times you can check WMR "wheres my refund portal" you are only allowed a certain amount of times to do an inquiry! so you probably checked WMR so many times. you have to wait 24hrs to try again. WMR only updates sunday night and wednesday.

      by LYNN W - 3 hours ago

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