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    The IRS has rejected your federal tax return. But hang on, we're here to help you fix what went wrong and get the return filed. Here are the details: This taxpayer or taxpayer's spouse has been claimed as a dependent on someone else's return (according to returns the IRS has already received). Make sure that no other person can claim this taxpayer or spouse as a dependent (for example, the parents or grandparents), and that the dependent's Social Security number has not been used on another return as the primary or secondary taxpayer's SSN (the persons listed first and second on the return). note:i'm not married and never have been.i'm only 18.i'm just trying to claim my child.i provided all of my and her income all year.what going on.i just check back over turbo tax b/c i efiled and all my info is right.should i do a paper return then.i'm also claiming my 2 little bothers.i'm able to do that.checked over the tax laws and all.anyone else have this prob?
    a few seconds ago 7 Answers

    Best Answer

    somebody else claimed either you or your brothers. Are you living with someone else? does someone else have the right to claim your brothers?
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • are you in school? such as college, etc. etc. and still live with your parents? when did you turn 18? if you are in your own home..... then do contact your parent,. or the baby's father. (in case he claimed you both, does he pay child support?

      by ashtonh - 7 hours ago

    • Since you filed as single, this must mean you were claimed as a dependent. Who did you live with? If you were the only adult and had your child and 2 younger brothers living with you, then you should be the ONLY person eligible to claim them--provided that you were not not a dependent yourself. (If you were not a student, your income was more than $3650 or you provided more than half of your own support, no one can claim you.)

      by Quick Answers - 7 hours ago

    • It may be a case of ID theft. if someone is using your child's SSN and had the guts to file using that Number before you filed that would cause the issue. I say contact the IRS and explain the situation, keep going up the ladder until someone helps you. Don't be rude and if they are rude to you immediately ask for their supervisor. Remember your in the right and they are the ones who can help.

      by Scotto - 7 hours ago

    • Hmm, from your question, do you think one of your parents, grandparents, older sister or brother, or other family member could have claimed you already? It seems that someone else has already claimed you. Who usually claims you before you had your child?

      by ebonisun - 7 hours ago

    • Did a parent claim you? Or a grandparent? Sounds like it.

      by Sharon T - 7 hours ago

    • If you are only 18, you need to check with your parents to see if they might have claimed you on their taxes! The issue is with the taxpayer or taxpayer's spouse -- not any of your dependents. If you know you did everything correctly, you will have to file a paper return.

      by nova_queen_28 - 7 hours ago

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