Do you get a tax credit for being a full time college student?

I work full time and go to school full time and I was wondering if I will get any type of tax break. That and can I use things such as buying a computer for credit also.

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Possibly, if you pay the expenses and they aren't covered by scholarship or grant.

Look up Form 8863 at for particulars.

4 years ago

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You will get Education Credit based on the rule of Hope credit. You should use form 1098T
and put the info on line 49. The problem if you received Scholarship amount, this may considered by the IRS as income which will increase your income, thus decreese your refund if any.

by Tax Chopper - 4 years ago

you have some education credits you can use, there is Hope, Lifetime and the New Opportunity Credit

by tro - 4 years ago