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    Filing taxes for deceased parents?

    My mom passed away Nov 17, 2009 & then my dad passed away just under 1 mo later on Dec 14. My younger sister is 17 & I am 25 and I have a twin sister. How would I go about filing taxes? My dad was disabled and only receiving SS benefits & my mom wasn't working at all for the majority of the year because she was too ill. There is no estate - they didn't own property and had very little debt that I financially cannot afford to pay. My sister was also getting SS benefits as part of my dad's benefits. I am now the guardian of my 17 yr old sister. Would I claim her as a dependent on my own taxes? Or as part of my parents taxes? They usually got money back after they filed. If that's what happens this time, would the IRS actually send the return to me or keep it? Also, what about survivor benefits? I didn't have much luck finding info on this specifically when both parents die in the same year & neither worked but instead got Social Security Disability benefits. Any advice or info would be helpful. Thanks!
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    From your information, your mother did have some wages in 2009. You can file a return for your parents and report that income. Your parents will claim the 17-year old child and may get some Earned Income Credit. It will be sent to you as the guardian. Although you are not personally responsible for your parents' debts, if they receive a refund on their tax return, it should be used to pay off their debts as it is their money. Even if there is not sufficient income to require a tax return to be filed, it is a good idea to file it and close the year. If the year is left open, the IRS could find tax owed in a future year which may be a problem for you. Contact the SSN regarding survivor benefits for your younger sister. You personally will not receive survivor benefits as a guardian. As your sister's guardian, you will have the same tax relationship to your sister as a parent in 2010.
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    • Did your mother work at all during 2009? If so, you will want to file a return. If there only income was from Social Security you won't even need to file. You don't claim your sister. If she was receiving SS benefits, she won't be claimed on anyone's return. If you need to file a return for them, you will file Form 2120 if there is a refund to claim. You are required to use that refund to pay their bills if any are still unpaid. You personally are not liable for their bills.

      by Sharon T - 4 hours ago

    • File just as though they were alive the whole year. There may be a refund you can claim. Attach Form 1310 http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1310.pdf to claim any refund. The costs of their final illnesses and funeral expenses would take priority over any other creditors if they were paid for from their assets

      by Max Hoopla - 4 hours ago

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