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    Unemployment benefits question... Why is it taking so long?

    Hello, I had to quit my job back in January because my mother was in the hospital with stage 2 lymphedema and required physical therapy treatments every day for nearly 2 1/2 months. I was the only one available to do this for her, but she lived 12 hours away from me. I went down to Houston (from Lubbock) for the 2 1/2 months and just recently got back to Lubbock end of March. I applied for unemployment benefits a few weeks after I got back because I could not find a job at all. I found one part time job for 15 hours a week, but I would have spent more in daycare than I would have received. I did a payment request with the workforce because they showed I could possibly be eligible for 200 / wk in unemployment. I requested the payment over 2 weeks ago and it's time to request another payment now. The question I'm having is, it still says this: TWC is reviewing your claim to determine if we can pay you benefits. If we need additional information, we will contact you. Continue to request payment every two weeks, so TWC can pay you if you become eligible for benefits. How long do they "review" the case for? I really need some money right now because I cannot pay my rent and I'm not sure how long they take... I try to call their number and it always says they cannot take my call at this time... its been like that for a few weeks now.
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    It sounds like your case it being reviewed because the company you worked for may have contested the claim. Usually, you don't get unemployment benefits if you quit a job, unless the reason was job related (for example, if the company moved too far away to commute). Hopefully, this will resolve in your favor, but the company you worked for is not responsible for you quitting, or your personal circumstances (terrible though they are and I feel so badly for you) and if they contest the claim, they will likely win, and you would have to make an appeal, so this could take a while.
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    Other Answers

    • You probably won't be eligible since you quit, even though it was for a very good, but personal, reason. That's what they're reviewing.

      by Judy - 21 hours ago

    • First off I have to say is be patient and the reason why is because so many people are filling unemployment they are backed up and going over everyone who is applying takes time. I myself have had to wait a long time for them to review my information and I live in Arizona. It just takes time and if they are going to give it to you sometimes they give back pay for the weeks from when you filed. Hopefully you will receive it soon.

      by MissLady25 - 21 hours ago

    • It is possible you may not be eligible for unemployment. You quit your job voluntarily. Usually you can quit your job if your spouse gets transferred, etc. You have to be available to work to get it. You also may have waited too long to apply.

      by travelguruette - 21 hours ago

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