How do I find out what my adjusted gross income was on last year's tax return?

I need to know this so I can finish filing my taxes. My tax records for last year were lost when I moved. Can I find this info online? Thanks!

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Call 1-800-829-1040. Wait for a live person to answer. they will ask a couple of security questions and give you your agi for 2007. I have had many clients online call and get the agi. It did not take them very long.

Christine EA Master Tax Advisor

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5 years ago

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by taz1000 - 5 years ago

You have to call the IRS and they will give it to you after you answer their millions of security questions.

by xonlywishesx - 5 years ago

If you filed electronically, then the preparer (such as taxcut) may have it. Otherwise, go to the IRS's website and ask for a summary to be sent to you. It takes a couple of weeks. You might also be able to call them (IRS) and ask them to look it up for you.

Another option is to check with your state - very often the federal AGI is recorded with them.

Last resort - if none of these suit you - is to simply print out the return and file it on paper. You won't get your refund as quickly, though.

by Lauren F - 5 years ago

No you can't get it online. You can either call the IRS or request a copy or transcript of your return. If you had a paid preparer do your taxes last year, you might be able to get a copy from them but they can charge you for it. Or you can file by mail instead of efiling - then you don't need your AGI from last year.

by Judy1 - 5 years ago

You can call into the IRS to get some of the numbers, or you can request an actual copy of your past year's return.


by Byrne H - 5 years ago