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    Does an IRS audit ever begin with a phone call? Or is this a scam?

    A friend of mine recently received a phone call from someone claiming to be an IRS agent and told her that they wanted to audit her business. My friend did not give her any personal information, but they did set up an appointment to meet at the place of business next month. As I understand it, all IRS audits begin with a letter, correct? I feel quite sure that this is a scammer, but I wanted to be sure.
    21 days ago 6 Answers

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    I'm also not familiar with the process, but kudos to you and your friend for being intelligent enough to consider that this may be a scam. If I was you (or her), I'd go to the IRS website, get a phone number, and give them a call to see. Certainly the IRS would be able to tell her if they actually called her or not. And if it was not the IRS who called her, I'm sure they'd be very interested in tracking down the person who did.
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    Other Answers

    • Scam. The IRS contacts people via mail.

      by MadMan - 9 hours ago

    • It very well could be a scam. Never give info over the phone and verify the person is actually from the IRS.

      by The Real Obama - 9 hours ago

    • A IRS agent will identify themselves with there last name and ten digit federal id #. The Service will contact by mail, but will make outgoing calls. There is never a demand for money or a threat of jail time. Don t be scammed. If someone says you have a tax issue, check your records on IRS. gov or call.

      by Bruce - 9 hours ago

    • No, they will mail you.

      by Inez - 9 hours ago

    • whatever this "auditor" does - there is no way you would ever have to pay the agent anything , especially since all they would be doing is information gathering, so if they ask for any money or threaten you with fines or something, then it is a total scam - get their IRS ID and drivers license info and photocopy it right up front - if they refuse - tell em to hit the bricks being a Corporate accountant, I don't think I have ever been contacted by the IRS by phone - Official IRS written notices - spit out by a computer have always been the first contact I have ever seen - same thing when they cam after me for doing something wrong on a tax return years ago - letter first

      by Zarg222 - 9 hours ago

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