If I didn't make any money or work last year, do I still have to file taxes?

I was in school for most of the year FT (didn't work), but got student loans. I graduated in August and was unemployed for 4 months looking for work. I finally got a job and started December 22nd, however my staffing agency said that since we started so late, we won't be getting a W2 for '08. So my question is, do I still need to file even though I made $0 dollars? I didn't get a W2. Also, if I -do- need to file, how do I file/what do I file? Thanks for your information/help.
What if someone down the road asks for 2008 tax forms, and I don't have any? Do I just say I didn't have any income in 2008, or do I need some sort of paper saying I filed 0$, or at least didn't have taxes from the gov't?

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You can if you want to but it is not required.


5 years ago

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No income, no filing requirement.

by v b - 5 years ago

There are thresholds (income levels) that you have to attain before you have to file federal income taxes. However, state and local taxes might be a different thing.

by pagamenews - 5 years ago

no because no income is coming in.

by dvdclarke - 5 years ago

You don't have to file, but I know a lady who files every year and she doesn't have to file. Go online and to the IRS and file if you want to. It's free online, but don't pay someone money to file you that's just silly.

by Tedi - 5 years ago