What do I do to make sure my employer is taking enough taxes out of my paycheck to keep me from owing taxes at?

the end of the year. I just got a job and will be filling out some paperwork tomorrow.

6 years ago - 2 answers

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Well it depends on how many dependents you claim. if you claim 0 then it will take more money out of your checks and you will probably get a check from the IRS when you do your taxes. If you have a husband or if you claim 1 or 2 it will take a less amount from your checks and you will either get less money or will have to pay in. It goes on like that. The higher number you claim, the less money they will take out of your checks and the less money you will get or more money you will pay in at tax time. So, if it's just you, I'd claim 0 and have them take out as much as they can so you will get more back at tax time.

6 years ago

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see the Form W-4 and its instructions. It can be found at the web site, but you should have actually filled a form W-4 form out when you started employment.

by steakmo - 6 years ago