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    How long does the IRS take to investigate a tax fraud claim I mailed to them?

    Someone, I know, provided false information on their taxes in which my tax return was held up. I completed the form and mailed it to the IRS, but I have not received any status, any word from them. The form was mailed end of May 2008.
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    You will receive no word from them at all ever unless there was a reward claim in which case you will not hear from them until money is collected. Investigation of informant items can range from a quick trip to the round file to years.
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    Other Answers

    • Let me guess, you tried to efile and one of the SSNs had already been used and you *think* you know who did it. If this is the case, the FASTEST route to resolving this is the SIMPLIEST one--just print out the tax return with everybody on it and mail it in. The service center has an override key and the return is processed immediately. As soon as the duplicate use of the SSN is in the system, both returns are flagged for review. Mailing in information via the fraud form isn't as fast.

      by Quick Answers - 13 hours ago

    • If what they claimed held up YOUR tax return and the issue has been resolved, the IRS is already aware of the problem. This will preclude you from receiving any benefit from your "report." Even if you were reporting something that they were not aware of and had concrete evidence included with your report, the IRS would not have any further contact with you except to ask for further information if they needed it or to pay you any reward once it was resolved. They will not discuss the case with you at all. Depending upon the amount of money involved it can take several years for the IRS to complete an investigation. There's no Statute of Limitations on tax fraud or tax evasion so they can afford to handle things in whatever manner will result in the highest likelihood of collecting the most tax the soonest.

      by Bostonian In MO - 13 hours ago

    • The IRS is really back logged because of the Stimulus Checks. The usual time for your problem is 8 to 12 weeks but do to the back log the time can be up to 6 months. Once the IRS starts looking into your claim they will then contact and sometimes audit the other persons return before they release your refund. You can call the IRS at (800) 829-1040 and ask for the status of your claim. Or you can go into an IRS office and ask, you can find an IRS office in your area on the IRS web site at www.irs.gov.

      by Dave T - 13 hours ago

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