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    How can I find out whether or not my ex-husband filed his tax return? He owes my children over $7,000.00 in ?

    back support. The Child Support Enforcement Agency has placed a tax offset intercept and I was also told after taxes owed whatever is left goes directly to child support. I am still waiting the much needed support for my children.
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    Unfortunately it is difficult to find out if he did. The IRS has procedures in place to keep taxpayer information confidential. If you suspect that he has not filed for a more than a year and you are aware he has received income, you could call the IRS and report him to a fraud unit. However, they may not act on your information and it may create more animosity with your ex. Good luck.
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    Other Answers

    • if he filed, you would have gotten any refunds he had coming, but it's possible he didn't have a refund - he could adjust hi withholding to break even and then you'd never see any money that way

      by Zarg222 - 2 hours ago

    • You cannot access any of his IRS records. You have to go at the issue just that way you are doing. Unfortunately, as long as he makes sure he never gets a refund, this will not help. You need to go back to court.

      by mainecpa - 2 hours ago

    • You can't find out unless he's willing to tell you - and even if he did, there's no guarantee that he got a refund anyway. Good luck.

      by Judy - 2 hours ago

    • I think if your children's backs need support you should worry about that, they may need some medical help. Let your husband worry about his own tax problems.

      by sidsid - 2 hours ago

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