Why does my federal income tax change each paycheck? i think i filed it right?

each statement i have has made it change a point or two in each direction based on how much money was in it. if it was more i payed more if it was less i payed less is this the way its supposed to be? it usually stays about 5% if that helps.
how is it determnined
how can i know how much will be taken?

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Yes, that is the way it works...if you earn more you pay more. There are several different ways to calculate withhold tax. Which method is used depends on several variables...such as how often you get paid, your marriage status, if a computer is used to calculate your check...etc.

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6 years ago

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Yes, income tax goes up if you make more. The withholding on each paycheck is based on the amount of that paycheck

by Judy - 6 years ago

That appears to be correct. The more you make, the more they take.

If you really want to see how much income tax is taken out with each paycheck based upon your W-4 filing, then read IRS Publication 15.

by Steve - 6 years ago