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    I got a certified letter from the IRS?

    My husband got a notice that the mail lady tried to deliver a certifed letter from the IRS (well,actually the line marked Large envelope is marked) and we have to pick it up Monday. It is going to drive me nuts over the weekend, so I was wondering if anyone may have any ideas as to what could be in there? I already filed my taxes in February and got the refund as well. Could it be an audit, even though they already sent the refund? I have no idea what we would be getting audited over as my husband works only one job and we have no other income.
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    It's not usually GOOD news, but no point in worrying until you pick it up and see what it's about. If it's bad news, you'd normally have gotten a couple other notices from the IRS before they sent something certified mail. Even if you are getting audited, if you have nothing to hide you'll be fine, it's just maybe a pain to dig out all the documentation they'd ask for. Good luck.
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    • IRS sends certified letters when they do not receive a response from the first regular mail letters. Since it is certified it may be a 90 Day Defiency Notice, where your husband did not file a tax return and IRS is giving him 90 days to file the return or they will file for him. The return will be filed as single and 1 exemption and standard deduction. Once you pick up the certified letter and it is only "addressed to your husband" then he must call IRS himself at the phone number provided. IRS will not give you any information on his account.

      by Ms. Angel.. - 6 hours ago

    • i got one of those 2 years ago. my taxes were done wrong and i ended up owing them money. they sent me a certified letter to make sure that i knew i owed them money. it sucked, but i finally got it all straightened out. good luck

      by kimblee2001 - 6 hours ago

    • it is probably jus a problem they found on your return and have mailed it back to you to correct it. i've never seen an audit come in a "large" envelope it us is usually in a regular sized envelope and only about 3 pages long. (the first letter from the IRS) i wouldn't worry besides there is nothing you can do until monday

      by Queendee - 6 hours ago

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