I got an email saying that my state tax return was accepted. Does this mean its been reviewed and OK'd?

I was just wondering, because last year my state return got reviewed because they wanted to see copies of my lease from the rent deduction and I didn't end up getting my return til late summer. I was hoping this wouldn't happen again.

I was wondering if the email saying it was accepted meant that 1) "we've received your return" or 2) "we've reviewed and accepted your return without issue".

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All it means is that the state acknowledges receipt of your return and will process it. Your return could still be reviewed.

6 years ago

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It really just means they got it. They are no obvious math errors, but that doesn't mean they can't find something wrong with it later.

by v b - 6 years ago

No, it doesn't mean that everything has been checked, just that nothing showed up wrong as immediately obvious. It means they have received it and are processing it, but doesn't mean it's without further issues.

by Judy - 6 years ago