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    I need to make an amendment on my tax return pertaining to form 1098-T, Can someone help?

    I e-filed yesterday using the H&R Block Free file. I even sent my signature off via certified mail, and when I got home yesterday in the mail there was a form 1098-T from the school I was attending last year. I know that I have to make an amendment and I have already ordered a form 1040X. What I need to know is when do I make the amendment? After I receive my refund check or can I make the amendment now? Also, if anyone else has gone through this can you tell me if it is painless or am I going to be dealing with the wonderful people at the IRS for some time????Help, before I start to freak out!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
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    Be sure before you get into an amendment that the 1098-T will do you any good. Fill out a new return including that, and see if it increases your refund. Don't file the new one obviously, but print it out and keep it - you'll need it if you end up doing the amendment. Wait to file the amendment until after you get your refund. And you can just download the 1040X form and instructions at irs.gov A 1040X is a little bit of a pain to do, but not awful. And once you file it you probably won't have any additional IRS dealings other than them sending you an additional check.
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    • you have to make an amendment after Feb. 11, it could take 12 weeks to six months for you to get the rest of your money. virtually painless but takes a while, but what you did was ok, because H&R Block would have told you that you could use the 1098-T till after Feb 11, because it is affected my the AMT tax

      by rubberduckygeorge - 34 minutes ago

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