What is the deadline for employers to send out W2 tax forms?

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They must be sent out in the mail by Jan 31st. Some people don't comply. If you haven't recieved it by Feb 2nd then you can call the employer to see if they have sent them out yet. Most of the time they tell you yes even if they don't. If they have request a new one and let them know you haven't recieved it yet. Make sure they have your correct mailing address. If you have not recieved it by Feb 15th you can then report them to the IRS. The problem is that they just send a letter stating they have 30 days to comply or they will be fined. Most emoployers don't know this.
Here is my suggestion. If you have not recieved it by Feb 7th Let them know you have already reported them to the IRS. This usually invokes urgency because they think they will get an audit quickly and most employeers and accountants do not want to go through an IRS audit.
I have had this problem with a few employers in my past that think they can screw with me. Just act like you know what you are talking about when you tell them you have reported them.

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by butt muncher - 6 years ago

1/31 of each year, not that they always comply. Hope this helps!!

by roritr2005 - 6 years ago

Jan. 31st.
I know I'm waiting too.
I wonder what could really be done about it though? Who prosecutes?

by NATHANIEL G - 6 years ago

1/31, but you can try calling the accounting center of your company and requesting (very politely) the information from your w-2. I've done this before.

by mommy2girls - 6 years ago

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by bint_hakim - 6 years ago