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    H&R Block Emerald Advance Line of Credit Qualifications??
    Im interested in doing the H&R Block Emerald Advance Line of Credit, and am wondering what the qualifications are to receive it?? All H&R Block's website says is that you have to have filed your return with them for the 2005 or 2006 tax season, but doesn't list any other specific qualifications. It says no credit check so what exactly do they base their decision on? We have filed every year with H&R Block since 1999 & have an Emerald card from last year's tax return. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    for the emerald advance there are three basic requirements-you have to have done you taxes with hr block before, you have to have a current paystub or w2 (also a picture ID, but that's a given), and owe no debt to hr block (also a given) for the income requirements-must have 10,000.00 (or more) in yearly income, plus be expecting a 1000.00 refund. good things about the loan-it is actually a line of credit which you can use again and again without paying renewal fees. it comes with on a card which you can use if you want to as a checking acct.(direct deposit available) bad things- a line of credit is still a loan, and I have no word on the interest rate(I'm quoted 9-36 percent.). also the card has all sorts of rules-if you follow the rules you're gold, but if you don't they'll stick ya- you know "terms and conditions" apply etc. It looks like it could be a good product, if you use it wisely.
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    • They do check your credit now. If you have poor credit you won't qualify.

      by sunshyne - a day ago

    • You need a pay stub showing over $10,000 income for the year, current picture ID and a estimated refund of at least $1000. I understand as of yesterday they have changed the requirement of being a client in one of last two years to being a client in the last 4 years. If you are married each spouse can apply for the LOC even if only one has income.

      by BigDog507 - a day ago

    • since u used them since 1999, that pretty much qualifies u there. also, they will want ur last paystub of the year. they will use that to guestimate how much u will get back in ur federal refund. however, the line of credit is due to be paid no matter what. it just kinda gives them reassurance that u will get back at least that much in your tax return so they know u can pay it off.

      by nrsldy04 - a day ago

    • Chances are, you are eligible, I mean, if you have already used there emerald advance before.

      by kevin h - a day ago

    • If you didn't file last year with H&R Block can you still get emerald advance? But I have had my taxes done by H&R Block before last year. And gotten the emerald advance two years in a role.

      by Angie - a day ago

    • how long does it take to get yourmoney

      by Mary - a day ago

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