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    Do I have to file a Form 941 if my business has no income and no employees?

    I started a small business in March, but all I have had are expenses. No employees and certainly no income. Is filing of the Form 941 necessary without income?
    4 months ago 6 Answers

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    Form 941 is for reporting employment taxes. If IRS has sent you a blank one send it back with zeros everywhere and marked final so they don't keep sending them. If you do hire an employee, you will have to start filing this form.
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    • No, you certainly don't have to. An IRS Form 941 is for Federal Unemployment taxes on wages paid out. Actually, if you were to file one, the IRS might want to talk to you. You'd probably confuse someone, and they'd think you had paid out wages. :)

      by Peggy K - 14 hours ago

    • IRS Publication - 941 Instructions: "After you file your first Form 941, you must file a return for each quarter, even if you have no taxes to report, unless you filed a final return or one of the exceptions listed next applies"

      by Hello - 14 hours ago


      by blonde bomber - 14 hours ago

    • When you initially applied for a tax ID #, the IRS sent you a letter officially telling you what your tax ID # is and what forms you need to file. If you indicated on the SS-4 (application for tax ID #) that you will have employees, the letter should tell you to file a 941. If so, then you need to file one with all zero's. If you didn't tell them you would have employees and the letter doesn't say you need to file a 941, then you needn't bother.

      by JaretR72 - 14 hours ago

    • If you have any employee, your business needs EIN number. When you have EIN number and have paid wages, then you use Form 941.

      by MukatA - 14 hours ago

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