How much does it cost to file a basic (but late) tax return with places like H&R Block?

My 2006 return is very basic-no deductions-easy as pie...I am late filing though.....what will the approximate charge be from a run of the mill tax service chain?

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H&R Block should give you a free estimate before they start (after looking over all your documentation). But......they also check returns free of charge. You could complete your tax form (link below) and take it to H&R to review. If it's o'k, no charge & you have peace of mind. If there's an error or they can get you more $$ back, then ask for the free estimate.

Sounds like you can use a 1040EZ:

You may also qualify for free use of tax software via the IRS website:,,id=118...

Don't forget about your state return.

7 years ago

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If you're single and have one W2 and no other income, about $60 for the federal return, state is extra. Is it really that basic though? I have had a lot of customers who say they have a really easy return, but then find out they sold some stock, lived in several states, sold a rental home, or own their own business. Those returns cost more. Call one of the H & R Block year round offices and ask them how much, they will tell you.

by Dee - 7 years ago

I don't know. Why don't you do it yourself. Go to and download the forms and send the stuff off and see what happens. I assume you are filing so you can get a refund, so just go for it. You may even be able to file on line with the IRS, I don't know.

by Darby - 7 years ago

H&R Block would probably charge you about $100. The franchisees have to send money to the main office. If you were my client, based on what you state, probably $50.

by wartz - 7 years ago