how much money do they take out of your check for taxes?

i live in michigan in the united state and i wounted to know if you could tell me how much my check is going to be after taxes my total money earned is 407 what will i get after taxes are taken out of my check

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Depends on your tax bracket. on how many dependents you have. They will take out around 25%

407 * .25 = 101.75

407 - 101.75 = 305.25

or you can do it like this:

407 * .75 = 305.25


7 years ago

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i get waaaaay too much taken out

by sandy - 7 years ago

For the federal taxes, it depends on what you claim on your W2 form.

by Jessie H - 7 years ago

too much

by ♥Trinity♥ - 7 years ago

You will get a little more than half of that. The total percentage is like about 40 percent.

by slklein1957 - 7 years ago

The good news is-you have control to a certain extent over what the amount is. It is determined by the number of deductions that you put on your forms. I am including a Michigan specific link that will help you, I hope! Good luck


by DakB - 7 years ago

It depends on the number of allowances you claim on your W-4.

by wartz - 7 years ago

probably about around 300 i make 2200 monthly and im only receiving about 1800 a month

by MissVicki510 - 7 years ago

For social security it is 6.2% of your taxable income.
For medicare it is 1.45% of your taxable income.
For your Federal Taxes it depends on what you claim on your W4. You can check one of the IRS's publications (either 15 or 17...i cant remember) to see the different tax tables. That will give you a good idea how much comes out.
For your State and local taxes, it really depends where you live. It varies from state to state.

by thejenns22 - 7 years ago

It will depend on how many exemptions you claimed on your w-4, if they take out for health insurance, union dues, etc. Just ask your payroll department or wait until your first check comes through.

I'm in New York and about 25% of my gross pay is withheld for state & federal taxes.

by crazydave - 7 years ago

Usually about 25-30% is taken out of your check (depending on your withholdings, local tax, EMS tax, state taxes, benefits payments, child support).


by theewokprincess - 7 years ago

There is too much info that you DON'T give to be able to answer you. Go to and enter your info, and you'll get a good estimate.

by Judy - 7 years ago