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    Best animals to raise on a farm?

    I know there is no "perfect" animal but i am wondering which farm animal, if any would be best to: .Make profit off of .Don't mess up the land (Alberta) .Aren't as susceptible to sickness (Any farm animal except cattle) I was thinking that it might be sheep, because i heard they do a less amount of damage to the land and you don't have to take them to the slaughter house to make a profit, you can milk and shear them instead. What are other farm animals that will make an overall good profit? How much land (in acres) would i need? Thanks ; )
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    My Father had a ranch and he used to raise roosters&hens,for the eggs because they usauly lay about 2-4 a day and u can put up 2-5 hens with a rooster.....you wont need much space. Or you can breed horses which makes pretty good money if you are willing totake the time to breed them uasally they sell up to 2-8 thousand deepending on how rare they are...and you are going to need alot of space.
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