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    How long does it usually take H&R Block to do taxes?

    I dropped off a LOT of things to a guy at H&R Block 2 weeks ago and haven't heard back from him, he hasn't returned my calls. When I dropped it all off he said "oh, there is no cubical with a working computer available, I won't be able to do it right now I'll have to give it to you in a couple of days, is that ok?" There was 4 years worth of stuff from another province (I had a landlord who didn't send out the forms he was suppose to, so I couldn't file them). Still, he said a couple of days. Can it really take 2 weeks to do taxes in the off season?
    5 months ago 7 Answers

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    A single tax return? If you're single, don't itemize and don't get the work credit, 20 minutes. Couple/single, itemize, bank interest. investments, no work credit, 45 minutes. Couple/single, itemize, interest, investments, IRA's, self-employed and/or capital gains- 1 hour or more. The more papers you bring in, the more expensive the return.They charge by # of forms filled out and amount of calculations they do that YOU should have done. There's a million variations on the theme. No, a knowledgeable tax preparer should NEVER take two weeks. I didn't notice you were Canadian- maybe longer or shorter. Next time stay with him while he does the calculations, or come back some other time if he's busy. Somethings weird here. He may have quit!
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    • Have you called him or stopped into the office, and asked? That would seem to be a good place to start. Two weeks is a long time when he said a couple days.

      by Judy - a day ago

    • No it should not take 2 weeks to do the returns even off season. Each return should not take more than a couple of hours max. Unless of course you had 100's of stock transactions or sold a lot of property. If it's just straight T4's and such all 4 years should be done in less than one day. Call the office and see whats going on. I hope you got a receipt for the package you gave him. There may also be an issue that you were in another province in former years. If that Provence was Quebec the local office may not have experience dealing with Quebec returns (remember Quebec is different)

      by my16paws - a day ago

    • That seems REALLY long. I had my taxes done, with W-2's from 8 jobs, and it took her less than an hour. So even for a few years worth, it shouldn't have been 2 weeks. Talk to a manager or supervisor at the H&R you went to and let them know what's happened.

      by Mariposa - a day ago

    • I'm thinking he forgot about them; hopefully, he didn't lose your documents.

      by Scott K - a day ago

    • yes if is complicated

      by wizard - a day ago

    • I'd imagine so. You're 3 months past due.

      by mykes_ - a day ago

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