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    What do you call these startup costs for a business?

    If I wanted to say that $30,000 is going towards intangible expenses of a business (i.e. insurance, permit fees, uniforms, initial deposits etc), what word best describes that? This is used in the Sources and Uses table of a business plan, and I want the bank to know that a $30,000 personal loan will go towards intangible assets and the banks money will go towards tangible assets, thus making their money go towards something that has collateral. Is there a specific word to best describe the above? Thanks! 10-points for a simple word!
    a year ago 4 Answers

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    Those are general and administrative expenses (G&A).
    a year ago

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    • overall it is called initial investment if u breakup then first part is running cost or operational expenses & 2nd one is capital expenditure or asset acquisition cost

      by mahmood - 6 hours ago

    • I think it is simply called 'Asset' and one mote term capital employed it is basically the value of all resources available to the company, typically comprising share capital, retained profits and reserves, long-term loans and deferred taxation.

      by ? - 6 hours ago

    • ......Sources and Uses table of a business plan,... weird business plan format. I have never seen one that uses the term sources or uses. too vague for either. get copies of other biz plans......... or email me Also, most banks will ignore you; do you have partners available?

      by kemperk - 6 hours ago

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