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    What to put as my position?

    I'm filling out an application and it's asking what my position is in my current job. I work in gelato (italian ice cream). I don't only work the register. I also make the gelato (a variety of flavors) as well as other things, yogurt, soft serve ice cream. I also clean the store, restock items, make lists of items we need and hand it over to my boss so that he can purchase them. I train new people when he hires them. I do a lot. I feel like just putting Cashier doesn't begin to describe what I really do. Is there anything else I can put down? Please note that no, I'm not an assistant manager or even a shift leader. I'm just a regular employee who's been working here for a couple years now.
    a year ago 3 Answers

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    Customer Service Associate, Sales Associate, Trainer, Etc.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Try Food Service Representative or Custom Service Team Member

      by Ooh, Ooh pick me - 20 hours ago

    • Sales assistant.

      by matt - 20 hours ago

    • Associate/Cashier. Then you list all your duties

      by Beverly S - 20 hours ago

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