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    Depreciation of an asset question - re selling self published book?

    a year ago 3 Answers

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    It's not depreciation - that is for fixed assets. Your books are your inventory. Figure out the cost per book and as you sell a book, the cost of the book is your cost of sales.
    a few seconds ago

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    • That is not depreciation. This is for fixed assets. furniture, equipment etc. You need a talk with an Accountant. UK

      by Tavy - 14 hours ago

    • You need to scale this back a bit as you may not get the sales that you expect, I know three people who've self published and once their families have bought they only sell a couple each year, even writers with agents and reputations don't make a living, so you need to be realistic, if you're lucky you'll make a couple of hundred in the first year then a trickle from then on. Depreciation isn't really relevant to book-selling as the item doesn't wear out over time, I think you mean diminished sales potential. With self-publishing it's much more cost-effective to print the books when you have an order, then you do not have surplus stock...but as you've already had a lot printed try to get these into libraries and in local bookshops...and send a copy to every book reviewer in the country.

      by Lily B Talus - 14 hours ago

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