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    Would you rather work in a large retail/supermarket store or small one and why?

    I have two job offers with waitrose. one branch pays £7.30, the other pays £7.59. the one that pays higher is nearer and smaller. which branch do you think I should take due to efficiency. is working in a smaller store more workload than working in a bigger one etc etc.
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    Well, apart from the fact that i would never work in retail [not knocking it, i have an Engineering degree] i would say go for the smaller store. It is possible that the smaller store may mean a higher work load but you would be more of an individual there rather than a number.
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    • when you sign up to work for them they are in command they may well send you to the furthest one when they feel like it anyway it's what they do and someone who lives over there will be sent to replace you it's what they do while you have a choice do what you want to do

      by Gerald - 18 hours ago

    • A small one, so that I would not have to walk so far.

      by ioerr - 18 hours ago

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