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    What is 'Venture' Capital ? or Risk capital ? i don't understand ( Finance people)?

    a year ago 3 Answers

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    You think up a great new idea that will make the world a better place and will make you money. But it will cost you $150,000 to build a working model. You go to a bank and ask for the $150,000. They want to see all of your business plans and all of your business income.... but you don't have an income yet.... you just have a great idea. You can go to friends and family first. But if they can't help, you have to go to rich people who invest in "ideas". They are called "venture capitalists", "angel investors", "risk capital providers" but they take chances that most lenders won't take.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Businesses which start up need money, often a lot of money to get their product made. Businesses which start up are also quite risky with a failure rate above 75%. People who fund business startups are called venture capitalists.

      by Oldwhiteguy2earth - 3 hours ago

    • any money you do not get from a bank. simple as that.

      by kemperk - 3 hours ago

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