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    How to make my name well known in a big organization?

    a year ago 3 Answers

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    Be exceptional in your performance, always go above and beyond. Kiss ***, cover your *** and step on all the little people on the way up.
    a few seconds ago

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    • I am enrolled in this organization/class at school that has grown to span over several states. Each year, a small group of students are selected to attend this big Conference and present what your schools division of the organization has done throughout the past year. I have been the leader for my schools group for the past 4 yrs, yet none of the big people in the organization know me or my name. I like to think that I work extremely hard and try to be as beneficial as I can be to the class and organization, but I still am not notice. HOW CAN I GET THEM TO NOTICE AND REMEMBER ME?! I dont want them to know me just because I want them to, but because I genuinely care for the organization and hope to stay in touch and continue to grow the organization after I graduate High School. BTW-the "class" part of the organization is meant to give students the technological tools necessary to make a change in their community. I do several projects each year, and I have greatly benefitted my community. Thank you in advance!

      by Christian Canizales - 12 hours ago

    • This is SMALL business So ask your question in the correct catagory.

      by Troubleshooter-Trev - 12 hours ago

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