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    Writing up an LLC operating agreement?

    a year ago 5 Answers

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    sounds like you are forming a partnership, and once in place and agreed to by all parties, in writing, the only way to change it is a new agreement signed by both parties
    a few seconds ago

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    • If all parties agree, yes. It happens all the time.

      by mrreliable3599 - 12 hours ago

    • you are "playing around"--what is the purpose of your LLC? and your company? I can help the LLC is much better operated after the company has been a partnership for 1-3 yrs first...........

      by kemperk - 12 hours ago

    • Say a person writes up an LLc operating agreement. Can that person go back and change the terms of the operating agreement at a later date?

      by sippinONthatSLIPinMYcup - 12 hours ago

    • Get a lawyer.

      by WRG - 12 hours ago

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